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5 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is a great resource for your business if you know how to use it. As one of the most popular social media platforms for young people, it helps you reach a younger audience to bring in new customers.

If you’re not sure how to start using Instagram for your business, here are 5 basic tips:

1. Use High-Quality Pictures

When you post to Instagram, it’s not just the content of the photo that represents your business, but the actual quality of it as well. If you post a picture of an amazing product or service that you offer, but the image is low-quality, it will make your product/service seem low-quality as well. These images can be the first impression that a customer has of you and your business. Make sure it’s a good one.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags make a huge difference when it comes to attracting new customers. Instagram users can follow hashtags to see any posts that use the hashtag. If someone were to follow #coffee, they may see posts that sell coffee, coffee mugs, or posts from local coffee shops. Find out which hashtags are popular for your business and add those hashtags to your posts to reach new customers.

3. Interact with Customers

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your posts is to interact with customers, commenters, people who send direct messages, and people who tag your business in their own posts. Interacting on these posts will show that your business cares about its customers and their experience, not just their money. It will also encourage those customers to engage with your posts again in the future.

4. Find Your “Voice”

All of your posts should work cohesively together. You should decide whether your posts will be more formal, more casual, or somewhere in between. Think about the voice that you use in your other marketing materials and bring that same voice to your posts. Also, consider your buyer persona and the kind of content that they’ll want to see in their feed. Jumping from highly-professional posts to casual posts and back again will confuse your audience.

5. Show Everyday Life

If you want to keep customers interested in your Instagram posts, you can’t exclusively create posts that serve your business. You want a balance of posts that benefit your customers and your business. One way to do this is to offer your followers a “peek behind the curtain.” Do spotlights on your employees or show what everyday life is like at your business. This creates value for your customers by providing interesting content that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Instagram marketing is a great way to reach a younger target audience. If you use it the right way, it can bring in new customers and maintain good relationships with your existing customers as well. Get started today to inject some new life into your marketing strategy.