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Ways to Prevent Drops in Your Search Rankings

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key strategy in bringing new traffic to your website today. Google and other search engines scan your website for information that tells them whether your site will be a useful resource for a user. It uses this information to rank sites in search results.

Many people who perform web searches never look beyond the first three results from a search. Very few ever even leave that first page of results. If your website does not rank on that first page, it’s very unlikely that it will be seen by your target audience. So, you need to find ways to rank high and then maintain that ranking.

Here are some ways to prevent your website from dropping in search rankings:

1. Be Aware of Algorithm Updates

The algorithms that Google uses to determine which site should rank the highest are subject to change at any time. They don’t usually alert anyone or give any warning. You need to do your research regularly, weekly if not daily, to find out if algorithms have been updated and how you can adjust your site to appeal to those changes.

2. Avoid Penalties

Penalties on your page from Google can result in significant search ranking drops, as high as 10-20 positions on multiple keywords. If a manual penalty has been put on your site, check your Google Tools Webmaster account to see why the penalty was put into place. If you have a penalty, you’ve already experienced a drop. But, being aware of the penalty and making changes immediately will minimize the damage.

3. Maintain Keyword Density

Keyword density is important to maintain your rank in search engine results. Be careful if you make any updates or revisions to a page, blog post, or article. You don’t want to eliminate any primary or secondary keywords as that can result in a drop in your search rankings.

4. Monitor Links

Links are a little bit more difficult to maintain than keywords. Broken links, bad internal linking, or lost inbound links will negatively affect your standing. You can use software to scan your site and help track link activity. Reports from SEO tools like Ahrefs can give you reports on lost links or inbound links from other sites that are affecting your page.

5. Monitor Your Competitors

A key strategy to prevent a drop in search rank is to keep an eye on your competitors. If they’re creating new content that you can’t compete with, it may be time to update your content creation strategy. Find out how they are serving their customers and then find a way to do it better. If they create new, more relevant content, you have to do the same in order to remain competitive.

SEO strategy needs to constantly be updated and monitored to be really effective. If you decide on a strategy once and never revisit it, you will almost definitely see a drop in search engine rankings. Remember that your competitors are all fighting for the same spot that you are. Protect your ranking by constantly improving your SEO strategy with these tips.